Make Money With a Tire Shredder equipment

A tire shredder is exactly what it sounds like a huge machine made to shred up old tires. It might seem a little superfluous because you can just dispose of tires as is without fussing over shredding them up. However, a shredder can present a new business opportunity. Whether you are in the auto industry and you collect tires from working on cars, or if you talk with business owners and help them dispose of their tires, you can make a lot of money using one of these tire shredding equipments. Click

Tire Shredder equipment

Tire Shredder equipment

Save Materials

Pumice, granite, and tar are expensive to find or make, and they are somewhat limited when compared to the number of existing tires. It has been found out that, for certain applications, shredded tires can substitute for these materials. This enables businesses to save money, and it gives you an opportunity to make money by selling shredded tires to these businesses.

Shredded Tire Uses

Tire shredding equipments have four primary uses, though people are busy trying to think of more. The pieces can be converted into a high-energy fuel, which is much more economical when compared to drilling for and refining fuel from other sources.

The tire pieces have also proven beneficial for making playground covering, roadway and street filler and a rock substitute. You can sell to these businesses and industries to make a profit on the tires shreds.

Securing Tires for the Shredder

Before you can use the shredder, you need to secure tires. There are two main ways of doing this. The easiest is if you work in the auto industry. You will inevitably have to change tires, and these tires normally sit somewhere until you pay money to dispose of them. Instead of disposing of them, use a shredder to make a profit on them.

The second way is being in contact with businesses that have tires. Talk with the owners, and promise to take the tires away for a lower fee than other disposal services, or even offer disposal for free.

Using the Tyre Shredding Machine

A tire shredding equipment is surprisingly easy to use, despite its size and function. Much like a paper shredder, you just have to put the tires into the shredder, and it does the rest. Shredders come in various speeds, and it would be best to get a low-speed model at first. This is because the shredders are rather expensive, normally costing over $100,000. Getting a slow one can keep prices down, while still performing the service you need.

Selecting Operations Headquarters

When choosing where to install the tire shredding equipment, be sure to research the area. People will normally buy the shredded tires based on your proximity, so be sure you are close to industries that would buy the tires. This may require moving or setting up a shop far from your house. Start your business from here:


Using and making money from these shredders is quite easy because shredded tires are largely in demand. You just need a supply of tires, a shredder and somewhere to sell the shredded rubber. After that, then you can profit from this machine.